The Federal Defender Program participates in the groundbreaking James B. Moran Second Chance Program, (commonly called Reentry Court), in the Northern District of Illinois. The Reentry Court program, which began in 2010, aids those individuals beginning a term of federal supervised release after completing their sentence of incarceration. The Reentry Court Team consists of U.S. District Court Judges, U.S. Magistrate Judges, U.S. Probation Officers, prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s office, and our attorneys who work collaboratively to provide individuals with the treatment, counseling, and structure necessary for their successful return to society.

Reentry Court meets the first and third Thursday of each month with participants who have volunteered to enter this program and have been accepted by the Reentry Court Team. In those court sessions, the participants, judges, and the other team members review and discuss each individual’s progress on supervision, including their successes as well as the obstacles they have faced on their road to rehabilitation. Drug testing and counseling services are discussed with the participants, as well as employment opportunities. The program takes a minimum of one year to complete for an individual in full compliance with all requirements and expectations. Successful participants who graduate the program often participate for over one year. Upon successful completion of the program, participants have their supervised release term reduced by at least 18 months, often ending supervision.